CashHand Coin goes public to clarify what really happened with the situation with Exchange Hotbit.
The CashHand Project asked the exchange Hotbit to carry out a swap in the proportion of 1000: 1,
Then Exchange Hotbit asked us on the twenty-ninth of May for two thousand and twenty-one, the new 12 787 currencies, so we sent it right away,
Upon receiving the 12 787 coins, they kept their wallet containing the new coins open, thus generating multiple bets which caused the balance to be divided into several ‘entries’.

In view of the balance of the wallet divided into several ‘entries’, this ended up limiting the amount of withdrawals in a normal way, forcing them to use the ‘currency control’ tool to withdraw larger amounts, thus causing a great inconvenience in the community.

When we questioned the Exchange Hotbit we realized that they did not know what they were doing, we tried in every way to help Exchange swap and we did not get any more answers.

With all this delay from Exchange, we were asking because it did not perform the swap. So in addition to not responding to itself, it erased our pair CNHD / USDT, GROUP ON THE SUPPORT TELEGRAM, simply harming all of our marketing action.

Always striving to offer the best services and benefits to its members, we make ourselves available to everyone for any clarifications.

CashHand Coin

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